The Orion Experience – Vampire Music Video Review

Have you ever wanted to feel like you’ve been transported back to the middle of a roller skating rink in the 1970s/1980s – shimmering disco ball, rainbow lights and all? If you love those kind of vibes, and those kind of tunes, then you will love The Orion Experience. That is exactly how I felt the first time I heard their music. I was introduced to them through the track, “Children of the Stars,” and I knew I had to immediately look up more!

2021 brings the release of their first album since 2013. As their website states, “We have come back from outer space because of you, our fans. We’ve heard your cries loud and clear…” The new album a very solid and super fun album all the way through, as are the previous albums. I can hear hints of influence from all decades from the 70’s through present day on this new album. It honestly doesn’t happen often that an album makes me bop and smile throughout, and this one does it!

I thought it would be appropriate for the month of October to share the fan collaboration (aka “Starchild collaboration”) music video for their track, “Vampire,” which appears on the new album, Sugar Deluxe. I hope you enjoy the groovy track and spooky “starchildren” vibes! Check out the video above, and you can find the track on Spotify below. Happy October!