Telltale Slowburn Review

Every day we are seeing more of the harmful effects of climate change and man’s ravaging of the planet, and in their latest video for “Slowburn”, hard rocking band Telltale paint a dire picture of what we’ve wrought.

The heaviness of the music is fitting for the horrific visuals on display. Intercutting between a vital performance in a car graveyard and stock footage of overflowing garbage dumps, smoke-spewing factories and smog-covered cities, Telltale are not looking to be subtle with their message. Instead, they go on the attack, indicting society for the mess it’s made; “Burning a hole in the ozone….it’s a big joke, look at your phone”.

The band understands that we are long past the time for gentle hand-holding when it comes to leading people towards a cleaner future. That’s why “Slowburn” and its accompanying video are pumped full of urgency. Watch the clip above and stream the track below.