Skegss Valhalla Video Review

Australian surf punks Skegss have been building upon their success since releasing their DIY singles and EPs down-under, gaining acclaim from a number of big publications and racking up well over 100m streams in the U.S. alone.

Thankfully their success hasn’t kept the group from losing their fun spirit, which is completely on display here in the video for their latest single “Valhalla”. A 60’s garage rock throwback, “Valhalla” maintains the sardonic attitude and rough riffage of their earlier work, and in the new video, the band matches that rowdy and comical aspect of their music by doing a send-up of viking lore. Finding the bandmates battling each other, and one by one entering the halls of Valhalla, Skegss seem to be having as good a time making the video as you will watching it.

The group’s next full length album, Rehearsal, is coming out on March 26th via Loma Vista Recordings. Hear “Valhalla” along with the other pre-released tracks from the album here!