Review: Matt Lovell Music Video

Nashville singer/songwriter, Matt Lovell, has had a life full of ups and downs leading up to the release of his first album, Nobody Cries Today, due out June 5, 2020. The majority of his songs were completed, and fully recorded, back in 2016 – but in January of 2017, Matt found himself fighting for his life after being shot in the chest during a carjacking. He talks on his Facebook page about a six month euphoric period that occurred immediately after this experience, which was then waylaid by extreme pain that took a lot of time to heal from –

“This era ended abruptly when PTSD showed up unexpectedly one day—about six months after I was shot.  It was—no doubt—the most difficult time I’ve ever faced.  It made me question just about everything.  For months, my entire consciousness felt as if it had been turned upside down, and I couldn’t find a way to articulate the horrors I was experiencing.  This kind of trauma is a knot you can only untangle with slow and patient work, and with the help of saints.  (Thankfully, I know a lot of saints.)”

After nearly two years of healing from this traumatic episode, and dealing with that PTSD that came from it, Matt was happy to return to the album that he so lovingly started writing back in 2012. He has begun releasing singles this year, with accompanying music videos, and is excited to return to these songs that “brought [him] so much joy and healing over the years.”

The latest release, “Alligator Lilly”, is a catchy tune accompanied by a fun Wes Anderson influenced video style. This is probably one of the more idiosyncratic songs from the album, giving hints of sounds reminiscent of Cosmo Sheldrake‘s work – a bit celebratory, and a bit haunting. The song itself is about “innocent fun” as Lovell puts it, but the beat and rhythm give the feeling of tip-toeing around. I could have easily seen this song show up in the end credits for an episode of True Blood, because it’s exotic, sexy, quirky and fun.

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