Noble Jonson Music Video Review: The Freaks Shall Inherit Earth

“Do you ever feel like you’re a freak? Just a little bit strange? Just a little unique.”

So asks Irish funk troubadour Noble Jonson, over a slippery 70’s riff and infectious beat, on his latest single “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”. It’s a funk-filled anthem for outcasts everywhere, and Jonson has channeled that message into a great homage to classic 50’s sci-fi films for the music video.

Opening with a couple aliens getting stoned and laughing at their machinations, a normal city wakes to find a giant Noble Jonson towering above them (much to Jonson’s own surprise). Played for laughs, the giant Jonson uses the top of a building to play fetch with his equally giant Labrador, before battling a giant robot.

Both the song and video are a blast (and sound like they were a blast to make). Watch the video above, and stream the track here!