Meg Mac Music Video Review: Is It Worth Being Sad?

Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac has proven her ability to be emotionally ferocious in her music; delivering devastating lyrics backed by her awe-striking voice. On her latest single “Is It Worth Being Sad”, she outdoes herself, and has shot a music video that elevates the track’s emotional rollercoaster.

The opening of the song is centered around Mac’s stunning vocals, backed by a muted beat and hymn-like backing vocals. Shot on a speedboat, speeding down a bleak river setting, the camera focuses on Meg’s performance under the dark, foreboding sky. Interspersed with aerial shots of the boat and natural surroundings, we see lightning spark in the background as Mac’s voice crescendos while she asks “is it worth being sad about?” The track’s orchestration swells, as a storm brews.

Yet, as Mac finds catharsis in her words, the clouds break and the sun shines through, leaving the song ultimately hopeful.

Watch this captivating video above, and stream the track here!