L.S. Dunes “Grey Veins” Music Video Review

“Make me new again, make me new again.”

While this line has a very personal meaning in the song “Grey Veins”, it takes on new life in the kaiju-inspired video for L.S. Dunes‘ latest single. An homage to the monster movies that Frank Iero group up watching with his father, the clip for “Grey Veins” finds a giant robot crashing to earth, with the band members inside at the controls.

The tiny lego townspeople band together to repair the broken robot (making it “new again”). Once repaired, the robot repays the townsfolk with a number of good deeds…all of which are for nought when an alien space creature attacks.

Completely fun and kitschy, it’s a visually stunning clip for one of the hookiest tracks on the post-hardcore group’s debut album. Watch the clip above, stream the track here, and look out for the group as they tour this summer!