Facing Adulting: The Struggles of Growing Up

Welcome ​to our blog post where we dive into⁤ the relatable struggles of adulting discussed in​ the YouTube video titled “”. From the⁢ daunting task of grocery shopping to the importance ‍of building a side ​hustle, join us as we⁢ explore the challenges and triumphs ​of navigating the responsibilities of adulthood.⁤ Get ready to laugh, empathize, and maybe even learn a thing‌ or two‌ about how to make ⁣the​ most of‌ this ⁣crazy journey called growing up.

– The‍ Financial Burden of Adulting

### The ⁣Financial Burden​ of Adulting

Growing⁢ up involves shouldering financial responsibilities that can weigh heavily on⁤ one’s budget. From housing costs and utilities to groceries and ​transportation, the expenses of adulthood can quickly accumulate. Even simple tasks⁢ like purchasing necessities can become a significant financial challenge, as illustrated by the example‌ of grocery shopping.

An Hour’s Wage for Chicken:

Item Cost
Chicken $8.74

A staggering truth emerges: in⁤ 2024, an hour’s worth of minimum ‌wage ($8.74)⁤ cannot purchase a single piece of chicken, highlighting the severe financial burden faced by many adults. This underscores the importance of seeking alternative income sources, such ‌as side hustles, ‌to supplement one’s earning potential and alleviate the financial pressures ⁣of adulting.
- The Financial Burden of ​Adulting

– The Time-Consuming Responsibilities

In addition to navigating⁣ social​ and financial complexities, adulthood⁤ imposes a plethora of ⁤time-consuming responsibilities. Grocery shopping, once a mundane task, transforms into an arduous chore.


Chore Time Consumed

|Basic ⁣Grocery ‍Shopping|1 hour|
|Meal Planning|30 minutes|
|Cooking|1-2⁣ hours per ⁤meal|
|Cleaning (home, ‌car, clothes)|Several hours per week|
|Social Obligations (family, friends,‍ work events)|Varies, often multiple hours per week|
- The Time-Consuming⁢ Responsibilities

– Side Hustles:⁣ A Path to Financial Freedom

Side Hustles:‌ A Path to Financial Freedom

Growing up ​can feel like a daunting task, especially when⁣ it comes to managing finances. While working a traditional job can provide stability, it may not always be enough to⁣ cover all expenses. This is where side hustles come in. A side hustle is a⁣ secondary source of income that can ⁣supplement your main job and bring you closer to financial ​freedom.

There ⁢are countless options‌ for side hustles, from freelance​ writing and photography to pet sitting and delivery services. The key is to⁢ find ⁤something that you enjoy and that aligns with your ⁣skills and interests.⁢ If you’re not interested in starting a side hustle from scratch, consider working with a platform like Uber or Lyft. These platforms offer flexible work hours ⁣and allow ⁢you to earn​ extra money ​on your own time.

Side Hustle ⁣Ideas WordPress Table Class Estimated Earnings
Freelance Writing table-light $20-$50 per hour
Photography table-striped $50-$200 per session
Pet ⁣Sitting table-bordered $15-$25 per day
Uber/Lyft table-hover $15-$25⁢ per hour

The journey into adulthood can be daunting, especially when confronted with the financial⁤ burden of essential purchases like groceries. This is where free resources can prove invaluable. ⁣From online grocery coupons and discounts‍ to budget-planning‍ tools, there’s ‍a wealth of information and tools available at no cost to help⁤ you navigate the complexities of grocery shopping and other aspects of adulting.

Resource Benefit
Grocery store apps Exclusive ‌deals, coupons, and loyalty ⁣rewards
Online coupon websites Instant access‌ to a wide range of coupons and promo codes
Budgeting​ apps Track expenses, set savings goals, and​ stay on top of ⁢financial habits.

- The Value of Free Resources


Q: What is the main ⁢struggle discussed in the YouTube video “”?
A: The main struggle ‌discussed in the ‌video is the difficulty ‍of affording basic necessities⁤ like groceries ‌as a​ young adult.

Q: How does the speaker feel about the idea of ⁢being an ⁢adult?
A: The speaker expresses a reluctance‍ towards the idea of⁣ being an adult, as they feel that even an hour of work does⁤ not provide them with enough money ​to buy simple items like chicken.

Q:​ What solution does the speaker propose for dealing with financial challenges as a young adult?
A: The speaker suggests building ​a⁣ side hustle to supplement ​income, emphasizing the importance of ‌finding additional ways to make money outside ‍of traditional​ employment.

Q: How did the speaker personally overcome financial ‌challenges as a young adult?
A: The⁢ speaker shares their‌ experience of​ learning how to make⁤ money on YouTube‍ while working in​ retail, which ⁤ultimately⁢ allowed them to quit their retail job and pursue their passion full-time.

Q: What does the speaker ‍now ⁢focus on in terms⁢ of helping others?
A: The speaker now focuses ⁢on teaching others how to build a successful side hustle and make ‍money online through their YouTube channel, offering free advice and⁢ guidance to those looking to improve their financial situation.

To Wrap⁣ It Up

the struggles of “adulting” are real and⁤ relatable to many‌ of us. From the daunting task of grocery shopping to the⁤ desire to escape the rat race of minimum wage⁤ jobs, the journey to independence can be tough. However, as mentioned in the video, there ⁣are⁤ ways to‌ overcome these challenges, such as building a side hustle ‍or finding alternative ways to make money. It’s⁢ all ‍about finding⁣ what works for you and taking steps towards a more fulfilling ‍life. If you’re feeling ⁣overwhelmed by the responsibilities⁤ of growing⁤ up, just know ‍that you’re not alone. Keep pushing forward and never stop seeking out new⁣ opportunities for growth​ and success.‌ Thank you for tuning ⁢in to this discussion on the struggles of ⁣adulting. Remember, we’re all in this together.