Exploring: Bea Miller – Lonely Bitch Review

In her angsty new single, young alt rock artist Bea Miller gives a harrowing performance in a depression-era dining room, while her parents read a paper and smoke, oblivious of the mental anguish their daughter is suffering. Surrounded by Renaissance imagery and taking place in one single location, the video remains captivating thanks to Miller’s evocative performance and cinematographic tricks that enhance the track’s theme of dissociation.

Inspired by mistaken feelings of love (per Miller: “I thought I loved someone, but it turned out I am a lonely bitch after all.”), the song breaks out grungy guitars as Miller’s vocals sunder any remaining pop remnants in the track with a “fuck all” attitude that feels like an early 00’s rock radio jam.

While Miller already has a few hits under her belt from her more pop-leaning earlier music, this track finds her scorching earth and boldly moving forward in a new direction. Watch the video above and stream the track below.