Durry Music Video Review: Little Bit Lonely

Gotta give a big round of applause and credit to sibling power-pop duo Durry. After taking TikTok by storm with their single “Who’s Laughing Now”, the group has been releasing consistently great songs as a lead-up to their debut album Suburban Legend dropping on September 8th. Last week, they dropped their latest bop, “Little Bit Lonely”, along with a great Nintendo 64-inspired music video.

Opening with the nostalgic cartridge being blown into and inserted into the system, the video finds the duo playing as 3D avatars of themselves in a video game world. As they collect coins and instruments (Ala Mario 64), practice in their garage (Ala Guitar Hero) and even skate through a mall (bit of Tony Hawk), they bring to video game life the experience of a growing band attempting to make it in the world.

And with songs as hooky and heartfelt as “Little Bit Lonely”, it won’t be a surprise when Durry makes it big. Watch the video above and stream the track here.