Dope Lemon Kids Fallin’ Love Review

Australian band Dope Lemon are have mastered the art of chill vibes. Their music coasts along on soft breezes and warm tides, bringing good feelings along wherever it goes. As the solo project for Angus Stone (know for being part of the sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone), was started in 2016 as Stone jammed on his farm with friends. Taking a more electric approach with this songwriting, he released one album and then revived the project last year for his sophomore effort.

Now with 2020 closing, Dope Lemon are ending the year with a new single, “Kids Fallin’ in Love”, and a video that perfectly captures the mystical sunshine vibes of the track. Taking place next to a secluded, shimmering blue lake, the video finds Dope Lemon giving a laid-back performance of the track while standing on separate floating stages in the lake, as young and beautiful Australian hippies enjoy the music and each other’s company on shore.

The video is beautifully shot by Hugh Miller and composed by director Daniel Mayne, who helps to create a retro, nostalgic atmosphere with the video’s blown-out color palette and hazy lens flare. Watch the video above, and stream the track below!