Delta Rae – All Good People Video Review

“These tragedies have got to STOP…It’s time to push our leaders to act. All good people must raise their voices. We need to protect every member of our community from hate and racism. And we need to stop so much of this violence by limiting access to guns…This is not the country we want to be. These actions do not represent our values.”

Delta Rae has always been vocal about their stance on racial injustices, and they recently created a music video for this “old” song that gave me goosebumps while watching. The video accompanies a new arrangement, featuring two-time national champion a cappella ensemble, Vocal Rush. In the video, band member Brittany Hölljes represents Lady Justice. The video shows people from all walks of life just watching from safe inside their homes as injustices happen outside. By the end of the video they’ve left their homes and have gone to seek justice for their fellow humans. It’s a beautiful video with a strong message:

Come on and raise your voice above the raging seas
We can’t hold our breath forever when our brothers cannot breathe

Check out the music video above, and listen to the original arrangement/release of the song on Spotify below: