Cody Fry – Underground Music Video Review

Cody Fry found unexpected TikTok vitality with his song “I Hear a Symphony”, which meshed his talent as a singer-songwriter with his love for full orchestrated compositions, inspired by his love of cinematic film scores. Emboldened by this success, Fry set out to fulfill his dream of creating an album of symphonic songs.

The first tastes of this album were covers of Ben Rector‘s “Sailboat” and The Beatles‘ “Eleanor Rigby”, and Fry has now released the original track “Underground”. With the new track comes a stunningly shot video that revels in the musical scope of the song.

Fry begins the video and song in composer mode, conducting his huge symphony as they play a fully cinematic piece of music. Once he picks up his guitar, the song transforms into a lush piece of folk pop, with the symphony joining in at precise times. Capturing this performance is a mobile camera, moving from close-up shots of Fry to aerial views showing off the entire orchestra. More impressive is that all of this is captured in one single take, allowing the magic of the performance to fully take life.

Watch this excellent visual above, and stream the track here.