Coach Party – What’s the Point (Music Video Review)

Sometimes you have to embrace the meaninglessness of life to truly cherish the freedom you have. At least that’s the view of Isle-of-Wicht band Coach Party in their latest single “What’s the Point in Life”, from their upcoming album Killjoy.

“We’re all gonna die. What’s the point in life?” Jess Eastwood sings over a buoyant alternative rock rave-up. The track is jam-packed with spacey harmonies, punky guitars and driving drums, as the band evokes a joyous timbre despite the nihilistic outlook of the lyrics. The group brings this anarchic outlook to life in the accompanying video.

Leaving the group as the last people on Earth, the clip finds the band members going wild in an old car junkyard. Dancing on car roofs, smashing windows, and partying in a broke-down mobile home, the free-spirited vibes of the video perfectly match the energy of the track.

Watch the video above, and stream the track here!