Check This: Water From Your Eyes – Review


Artist: Water From Your Eyes

Song: “Adeleine”

Album: Somebody Else’s Songs

Genre: Experimental Pop, Post-Punk, Electronic Indie

Label: Exploding in Sound Records

Nate Amos and Rachel Brown make-up the duo Water From Your Eyes, whose lo-fi tunes range from the delicate and beautiful to the stuttering and intense. Since releasing their first album in 2016, the group has put out two EPs (one this year) and one other full LP last year.

Adeleine – Water From Your Eyes (Music Video) from Abigail Austin on Vimeo.

A highlight from their recent LP, “Adeleine” rides a bouncy melody but is given a haunting weariness by Brown’s lilting vocals. About the song, the duo explained “lyrically the song deals with wondering if you missed your shot at something, if you deserve or will get another chance, and the presence and importance of another person in your life and the process of dealing with transitioning relationships – the difficulty of “pull(ing) the lever” and knowing that ‘nobody else could make me leave me behind’” That emotional longing comes through even as the music has you grooving and moving.

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