Bad Books – UFO Music Video Review

Ever since the release of Manchester Orchestra’s album, Hope (which is a cover album featuring slower, more haunting versions of all of the songs on their album, Cope), I’ve been drawn in to hearing Andy Hull singing slower, more ethereal pieces of music. It was only recently that I learned that Andy Hull teamed up with folk/indie singer-songwriter, Kevin Devine under the name, Bad Books. My bad for only finding out about this project together now, as they’ve been working on music together for years, and their first album was released in 2010. They met when Devine was on tour with Manchester Orchestra as their opening act back in 2008. These two are writing slow, beautifully haunting music together. Their latest album, III, was just released earlier this year, but they’ve been collaborating for years. Previous releases include, Bad Brooks (2010), II (2012), and Daytrotter Session (2016). The band is rounded out by Manchester Orchestra‘s, Robert McDowell, and drummer, Benjamin Homola. Together, Bad Books is bringing listeners a melodic and mellow escape.

The video for the latest single from their new album, “UFO,” features a dream-like story that is really left open for interpretation, but a beautiful and strange short story. Enjoy the video above, and check out the rest of the album below: